Behavioral and moral values

The Board of Directors seeks to achieve the highest standards of corporate values throughout well-established pillars. The company has prepared a number of policies and procedures that support it: These pillars are as follow:

Code of conduct

The Board of Directors has approved the code of conduct policy. The policy outlines the ethical standards expected from all KFH Brokerage stakeholders in the conduct of its business to promote the competency and integrity for the entire institution.

Related Parties Transactions

The Board of Directors has approved the Related Parties Transactions policy for transactions with related parties; which outlines the guiding principles on dealing with and managing transactions with the relevant parties (between KFH Brokerage and its BOD, their related parties or their companies).

Conflict of Interest

The Board of Directors has approved a policy to monitors and manages all conflict of interest related matters and possibilities within the organization as per the rules and regulations issued by the regulatory bodies in this regards.


The Board, Executive Management and the employees are committed to maintain and to preserve the confidentiality of the information and data in its dealings with customers, investors as well as its other stakeholders as per the rules and regulations issued by the Regulatory Bodies in this regards.


KFH Brokerage has set procedures enabling employees to contact the Board Chairman to communicate their concerns regarding potential violations that may be carried out by any member of the organization. KFH Brokerage shall ensure that whistleblowers are protected and that they are not subject to any threats or penalties in case their legitimate concerns are proved incorrect.